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E-commerce and Online Shop Solutions

As well as writing a number of bespoke online, in-house systems for customers, we have developed our own e-commerce software based on the 'bits you need' from other online shop packages - and left out all of the extra bits which just cause confusion!

Experience has shown that most of the free online shop software (such as WooCommers, Magenta etc) has been written to incorporate 'everything you could ever want (and a whole lot you don't)' for both UK and US shops and in doing so makes finding the bits you do actually need very difficult.

If you would like to have a look at our demonstration site and see how easy to use the admin area is, please contact us and we will be pleased to provide you with a username and password.


 The software we have developed for you incorporates the following features (and a few more!):

  • Very easy to use admin area
  • Fully integrated with WorldPay, SagePay, Barclaycard and PayPal for payment processing
  • Optimised for Search Engine friendliness - individual SEO keywords, description etc per product; automatic generation of Google-friendly static html product map page
  • Full product search on main website
  • Unlimited product categories with subcategories
  • Unlimited number of products can be added
  • Products can have unlimited 'attributes' (e.g. size, colour etc)
  • Product attributes can affect price and/or postage cost (or not)
  • Product attribute prices can based on the main product price making price changes easy
  • Full stock control facility - including preventing customers from ordering more items than in stock (if required)
  • Category, Product and Attribute display order is easily changed by using arrows to move items up/down the list
  • Categories and Products can be switched off (hidden) from the main site at the click of a button
  • Products can be set as 'Special Offers' and/or 'Featured Products' to be picked out on other areas of your site without having to move them from their proper category
  • Orders placed automatically send e-mails to the customer and website owner
  • Order status for individual orders can be updated in the admin area (e.g. Order Placed->Order Sent etc)
  • Full order/product search in admin area
  • Users can be set up with access to specific admin areas (and banned from others)
  • Admin Audit trail so you can see who has updated what
  • Other reports (such as products viewed)
  • Fully customisable to your needs - i.e. if there is something that you need that isn't already there, we can add it for you
  • Postage can be based on total order price or total order weight within given bands (or set to Free)
  • Postage cost can be based on destination country (based on order cost/weight) (or limited to UK/specific countries only)
  • RSS-compliant feeds can automatically be generated so you can easily list your products on other websites to help drive traffic to you

Setup of your online shop

We will design the look and feel of your website with you - how you want it - and install and configure your online shop software for you. Because we wrote the e-commerce software ourselves, there's no template we have to stick to, so you can have the various elements of your site (such as site search, featured products, what's new etc) wherever you would like them. All you have to do is add your categories and products in the easy-to-use admin area, sort out your payment provider (we can give you information on the pros and cons of different ones) and you're up and running. - Sounds easy? It is!

Quick Hints