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Website Hosting - the space for your website

Website hosting is the rental of the space you need to hold the files which make up your website, and/or the space to store your e-mails.

We also provide hosting and full e-mail facilities for customers who wish to create their own websites, as well as for customers who would prefer us to create a website for them.

To take advantage of our website hosting, all you need to do is to either register a website name with us and select the hosting package you require as part of that registration process, or, if you've already registered your website name, simply contact us and we'll transfer the website name for you so you can use it with one of our hosting packages.

The space for your website will be available for you to put your files on immediately when we've set it up, and you'll be able to send and receive e-mails as soon as your website name has fully registered (usually within 24 hours).

To keep things simple for you, we don't split our website hosting options down so you have to try to understand exactly what you need and then make a choice - you have a simple choice of one of three website hosting packages - depending on what you need from your website, one of our packages will apply. We are happy to talk to you to help you to decide which one. You can see what is included in the 'Website Hosting Packages' section below.

  • We do not charge a 'set-up fee'
  • We do not make you trawl through a list of 'help' options or 'FAQ's (although we do provide a few FAQs to help you quickly and a site search facility to help you find answers), or make you fill in a 'support request form' and get back to you in x hours' time - we are here, on the end of the phone, to talk you through any question you may have. (Please see our contact details)
  • You are human and may need to ask questions - we recognise that and will do our best to provide the answers - please notice that we have a clearly visible phone number for you to use - compare that against a lot of hosting companies!

The Website Hosting Packages

We provide three website hosting packages (the prices for which can be found on our prices page).

E-Mail Only Package

The E-Mail Only hosting package gives you:
  • up to 10 e-mail addresses@yourdomain.com
  • e-mail forwarding - so you can send your e-mails to an existing e-mail address if required or copy several people in on one e-mail
  • webmail - so you can access your e-mails from any PC with an internet connection
  • auto-responders - so you can automatically reply to incoming e-mails with a standard message
  • we can add the Spam Assassin, highly customisable, spam filter for an additional charge
  • click here for prices

Standard Hosting Package

The Standard Website Hosting package is suitable for the majority of people needing a website.
With the Standard Hosting Package you get, as standard:
  • guaranteed 99.9% 'up-time' - your website is always available
  • high specification, fully managed, server - your pages are delivered at high speed when someone wants to look at them (some hosting is considerably slower and users won't wait for the pages, so will go to a competitor's website)
  • UK hosting - websites hosted in the UK are more highly favoured by Google than those hosted in the US or elsewhere
  • 1GB web space - for your files and emails. We can provide more with the Professional Package
  • a full control panel - so you can administer your e-mail accounts and website setup yourself
  • up to 25 e-mail addresses - we can provide more with our Professional Package
  • SSL certificate as standard - i.e. https://your-domain.com
  • Spam Assassin - highly configurable anti-spam software
  • e-mail forwarding - so you can send your e-mails to an existing e-mail address if required
  • webmail - so you can access your e-mails from any PC with an internet connection
  • e-mail auto-responders - so you can automatically reply to incoming e-mails with a standard message
  • full site usage statistics - so you can see how many people have visited your website and from where
  • customisable error pages - so users get a pre-defined page if they go to a page in your site which doesn't exist
  • php and cgi scripting
  • the ability to use password protection for areas of your site (for example an administration area)
  • full FTP access so you can access your files on the webserver and update your site yourself
  • multiple FTP accounts - so you can give people access to specific areas of your website
  • FrontPage extensions (if required)
  • Extra Software - if a particular package you require is not currently installed on the server, we may be able to install it for you
  • daily backup to a separate disk (as well as Raid setup as standard). You can also back your own site up and download it through the control panel
  • dedicated, experienced support in the UK
  • plus a host of other features
  • we can provide you with access to advanced DNS settings if required (no charge)
  • click here for prices

The Professional Hosting Package

The Professional Website Hosting Package is suitable for anyone needing a shopping cart, online booking system or Content Management System (CMS), or a website with lots of traffic, or anyone who needs lots of e-mail accounts. It includes all of the above plus:
  • up to 500 e-mail addresses
  • mySQL databases - unlimited tables and data
  • phpMyAdmin - to administer your database through your controlpanel
  • daily backup of your databases - if you require more frequent backups, please ask
  • daily backup of your website files
  • Spam Assassin - highly configurable anti-spam software
  • 10GB of webspace - or more if required
  • Advanced DNS configuration options
  • dedicated, experienced support in the UK
  • plus a host of other features. If something is not mentioned, please ask as we will probably be able to include it with this package
  • click here for prices

Technical Information

The web servers we use are Unix Servers which are housed in a Secure Centre. If you require further details, please just ask.

Further Information

If you would like to discuss your website hosting requirements, or have any questions about the packages above, please give us a ring on 01604 832777 and we'll help in any way we can.

Acceptable Use Policy

We do not host web sites which have unlawful content but will host adult sites which are legal. Please see our Terms and Conditions for full details

Website Hosting Packages
- What you need for your website as a single package

Full E-Mail Facilities
- e-mail accounts as standard with all hosting packages

Website Space and Traffic
- your website can grow as much as you need it to. We can provide packages to suit your needs

99.9% Availability Guarantee
- your website is always available when your customers want to use it