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All Website Development is done to your specification

All of the websites we develop are created individually to enable easy maintenance and future development - we don't believe in using standard templates and 'cloning' your website like some companies do - unless you want us to, of course! As experienced website developers with a programming background, we will quite happily provide suggestions for the design and navigation of the website and advise you of the options available to you, or we will work to your own design specifications.

Website Development Options

Websites can range in complexity from single page 'Business Cards' through to an online shop incorporating 'secure' pages (for collection of personal/credit card details) and automated e-mails to the customer confirming various details (e.g orders/contact confirmation etc)

There are three main types of page which can be incorporated into a website:

  • Static Pages - Text and graphics (photos or static/animated images) which are displayed each time a user logs on
  • Dynamic Pages - The information displayed changes depending on a choice made by the user, or depending on the time of day or year etc (eg. it is now 8:11am on Sunday 14th July 2024)
  • Database-Driven Pages - The pages are based on an underlying database which can be updated to change the website without modification to the pages themselves (eg. product information, customer details etc)

Static (Standard) Websites

There are a huge number of ways to write a website - some of which will result in the site looking correct on some screens but not on others; some of which will allow Search Engines to list your website, others which will completely block Search Engines from seeing your site; have you noticed how some websites show on screens quickly, whilst others take ages (and you give up waiting and go to another website rather than wait for it!). We are a true website development company, not just a design company, and know all of the 'ins' and 'outs' of website development so that you can rest assured that your website will be developed to avoid all of the pitfalls that less experienced developers fall into.

Dynamic and Database-Driven Websites

We have extensive experience in Systems and Database Development and have developed a number of high profile online systems such as the member and car database for the Rolls Royce Enthusiasts' Club website and the original shop area of the JORVIK Viking Centre in York

As part of our online website development, as well as the very user-friendly 'front end' (the site your customers see) we will develop an easy-to-use 'back end' (administration area) for yourself - after all, you don't want to have to spend hours every time you want to change a single price on your shop!

For those who are technically minded, we develop database-driven web pages using PHP linked to a mySQL database.

Online Shops / E-Commerce / Shopping Carts

After years of searching for a suitable e-commerce solution for our customers, we have now developed our own fully-functional, easy-to-administer online shop software. Please visit our e-commerce solutions page for more information.

SagePay, WorldPay and PayPal Integration

As well as creating and installing full online solutions and e-commerce software, we are fully conversant with integrating payment gateways such as WorldPay, SagePay (formerly Protx) and PayPal to enable you to take payments through your website.

Photographs and Images

If you require photographs on your website we can either use photos which you provide, or use royalty-free stock photos. We will also use any images you provide us with, or we can source appropriate ones for you.

Your Website - Developed The Way You Want It

As you can see from the information above, we know our stuff when it comes to developing your website. We guarantee that not only will you be pleased with the way your website looks, but also that it will work the way you want it to and that it will be user-friendly for your customers.


Quick Hints

Standard Websites
- We work with you to develop your website how you want it

Online Shops & Shopping Carts
- Experts in e-commerce and online shop development

Online Booking Systems
- Full online Booking Systems - sell tickets, book hotel rooms etc

Bespoke Online Solutions
- Manage your business database from anywhere in the world